DPEM Application

Release Notes

Version 4.0.017A (Revision Date 9/9/06)

As always, this release incorporates new functionality to better serve the users needs enabling them to quickly edit requirements and funds management data while maintaining the integrity of the data vital to the DPEM process.  As a primary user of this application, Infinite Technologies welcomes your feedback to help us make the DPEM application a better product and more importantly, a better tool for you.  Infinite would like to thank those of you who have contributed to this release. 



9/9/06 Maintenance Release

        1) Enhancement for PowerPoint Compare Dataset allowing user to check multiple fields instead of just one

        2) Enhancement for Change Fund Spread Method allowing user to change all fund spreads to a value for all years

        3) Enhancement for Datasheet view adding Dataset for field to sum up total values for dataset

      4) Enhancement for open datafile converting older data files automatically for compatibility with application

1)  New Program Names in support for WR

        2) Fix Quick Maintenance for MAJCOMs with adding new requirements

        3) SRA Interface enhancement - removed PCN Cleanup from procedure

        4) Cleanup procedures have Organization field criteria

1) Re-Imburseable Variance Maintenance Fixes for GUI and Usability

        2) Fix for filters in Requirement form when Filtering on EEIC followed by RCFS

1) Revised DPEM LSR Factors (Impact to Engine Requirements

        2) Fix for POM Summary /Request from MAJCOMs

        3) Fix for Phantom Variance in Requirement form (LSR File Maintenance)

        4)Modification to implementation of Variance User Interface for reimburseables

      5) PCN Maintnenace form || Group Modification Tools Menu Procedure modified

1) Factors for OO, OC, AMARC (Not WR)

      2) PEC 41840F available

        3) PEC 27327F available

        4) Program MPS available

        5) Program PAVEWAY available


1)    Field Organization introduced to handle (Flight/Squadron, nomenclature)

2)    Directorate is no longer available, instead data from directorate is available in Organization

3)    New Procedure in PCN Maintenance Tools Menu providing interface to select an existing value and change to a new value

        a)    Mass Change for Organization

        b)    Mass Change for Major Program Name

        c)    Mass Change for Office Symbol

        d)    Procedure works with Filters limiting changes

4)    Data extracts that worked with Directorate, will work with Organization field

        1)    Export and Import by Criteria

        2)    Power Point (Data Set Analysis, Data Set Comparison, Budget Execution Review)

        3)    Execution Report

        4)    Requirement Maintenance

        5)    Datasheet Views (Funds Management and LSR)

        6)    :LSR Brochure


1)    NEW PEC 35904F

2)    New PEC 78070F

1/4/06 ALC Funds Management Maintenance Release

1)    ALC Quick Maintenance Sort and Filter tools similar to MAJCOM Quick Maintenance

2)    Access to PCN Maintenance from Funds Management Quick Maintenance Form

3)    Error with updating Data when filtering on Execution Year when Base Year and Execution Year are the same

12/28/05 Scheduled Application Release

1)    Fix for Save to PDF not working for XP OS with Office XP installed (Install full version for Fix)

2)    Execution Year Filter not working after running QA data

3)    Fix for Comparing Funds Management Datasets and trying to save the View options for the comparison

4)    RQMT Type Filter not working

5)    BA Filter not working

12/19/05 Scheduled Application Release

1)    08POM-2005A Factors - 12/15/05-    New Factor Application - O-542-C-AGM129-OO

2)    Updates for Program Code and Weapon System Code

        a)   PEC 84741F

        b)   PEC 41897F

        c)   PEC 27597F

3)    POM Budget Maintenance enhancements for MAJCOMs

        a)  ? Icon next to Data Set will display

             1)  Requirement Description of PCN in Brochure if Brochure data available in data file

             2)  Pseudo Task of PCN

        b) Check Boxes for OP30 and Non PDM replaced with Combo Drop down box

            1)  ALC Quick Maintenance

            2)  MAJCOM Quick Maintenance

        c) Higher visibility of Applied Factor Set for PCN

            1)  If PCN does not have Factor Set Applied, Factor Set Name and CALC button will be RED

            2)  If PCN has missing Factor, Factor Set Name Lable and CALC button will be RED

        f) Copy Dataset available from Funds Management Maintenance Menu (Training class identified this need)

        g) MP&E interface modified to not update existing PCN MOA and Factor Application Values

4)    Enhancement for Imports and Exports - will improve usability and capabilities

        a)  Definitions for Imports and Exports actions

        b)  5 functions for Imports and Exports by Criteria

             1)  Actions that will not alter data that is in destination but not in source

                   a) Append - find PCNs in source, append to destination

                   b) Update - find PCNs in source, update this information to destination

                   c) Overwrite - find PCNs in source, replace these PCNs in destination

                   d) Append and update - find PCNs in source append to destination, Update PCNs from Source to destination

            2) Action that will impact data in destination that is not in source

                   a) Delete and Append - find PCNs in destination, delete.  Find PCNs in source and append

        c) Import/Export to MAJCOM/ALC/Airstaff - fixed issue with LSR Requirement field not being updated for new PCNs

5)    Enhancements for Cleanup procedures

        a)  Brochure Cleanup

             1)  improved functionality working with Years

             2) additional criteria fields added for identifying data to remove from data file 

        b)  Brochure Cleanup

             1)  improved functionality working with Years

             2) additional criteria fields added for identifying data to remove from data file

             3) Accessibility enhancements within menus

10/15/05 LSR Maintenance Release

1)    ALC Funds Management Quick Maintenance form error when viewing funding summary information

2)    ALC Funds Management enhancement for adding re-imburasable PCNs

9/27/05 LSR Maintenance Release

1)    OP5 Datasheet View Format

2)    MP&E Interface Enhanced to add PCNs with Report identifying PCNs that were added.  Previously this automation was removed due to incorrect file maintenance of new PCNs Factor Application.  However this time the New PCNs are identified in a report

3)    Fix for $ dialog box displaying error on OP30 Qty with zero

4)    Fix for Export Data to ALC error not allowing procedure to execute

8/27/05 LSR Maintenance Release

1)    Funds Management Data Sheet View Choosing Amount only (No Quantity) will exclude RQMT Type in Summary (ODM OP30 or Non PDM)  Not relevant with quantity

2)    Brochure Data Quality Enhancement for Amount Discrepancy

        A)  Amount Discrepancy previously only identified differences in Requirements where the Requirement existed in both Data File

        B)  In order to see Requirements that were in one data file or another, another step was required to identify RQMTs in A not in B or B not in A

        C)  Enhancements identifies any discrepancy in the Amount

        D)  Immediate Release expected to provide this capability for

                1)  Funds to Funds Compare

                2)  Brochure to Funds Compare

                3)  Brochure to SRA Compare

         E)  Future Enhancement also expected for Same capability on Quantities  to improve audits of data that is in one source but not another

3)    Usability enhancement for Data Quality Comparisons on Amount discrepancy to improve audits of data that is in one source but not another

4)    Improvement for Export Data to MAJCOM to allow for Airstaff and Process Coordinator to automate creation of files for each MAJCOM

5)    New Pseudo Subject for OC - "PDM w/strut"

6)    New Pseudo Subject for OC - "Strut Fly-In"

7)    Usability Enhancement for Funds Management adding New Requirement

8)    Fix for Filters Usability in Requirement Form

8/10/05 LSR Maintenance Release

1)    Data Updates

        a)    PEC 27434F PEC Title changed to "Link-16 Support and Sustainment"

        b)    New Program Name(s)

                1)    CAPRE

                2)    AN/USM-674

2)    Enhancement for New Requirement procedure

        a)    (Fixed) When executing procedure, error message encountered

        b)    (Enhancement) Capability to straight-line when adding the new requirement

        c)    (Enhancement) PCN is not required to be added to Dataset in order to add Requirements

3)    Validate PCN Automation (Enhancement and Fix (MEL - ACC))

4)    Issue with Dataset Analysis Power Point Chart dealing with Quantities

5)    Automatic Backup functionality for Datafiles added through Help About dialog box

6)    Fix for PPT Dataset Analysis not reporting quantities correctly

7)    New Report for Viewing Dataset Comments

7/22/05 LSR Maintenance Release

1)       Adding a PCN to a Dataset in a data file that only has one Dataset (05LSRPre)

a)        Issue:  The drop down for the dataset name of the new PCN only displays “POM” – should display the current dataset requested when coming into the MAJCOM funds Management form

b)       Fix:  After specifying the ALC and Pseudo Suffix and BCFS the Dataset name should auto-fill

2)       Copy Notes from Funds Management form

a)        Issue 1:  Errors when choosing to copy note to all Execution Years for the PCN

b)       Issue 2:  Change the Tilda for the Command Button to match the graphic for the Set Op30 (Pencil and Paper graphic)

3)       Straight Line Procedure Error

a)        Error:  Filtering on PEC and choosing to Straightline from 2010 to 2013 for all filtered PCNs filling Fiscal Year Gaps

4)       Quick Maintenance MAJCOM Funds Management

a)        Add Straight Line Procedure(See Tools Menu from MAJCOM Funds Management form)

b)       Add New Requirement Procedure (See Tools Menu from MAJCOM Funds Management form)

5)       Validate Enhancement MAJCOM Funds Management Quick Maintenance

a)        New Command Button Next to Validate Check Box with the Graphic of a Pencil and tablet (see Copy Notes and Set Op30 Graphic in Funds Management Quick Maintenance

b)       Functionality:  Will mass update validate Check box

                          i.       Default Option:  Validate all years for PCN [Current PCN Name] - BCFS

                         ii.       Validate all filtered Requirements

                       iii.       Do not validate all years for PCN [Current PCN Name] – BCFS

                       iv.       Do not validate all filtered Requirements

6)       Variance Report from PCN Maintenance causes error

a)        Filtering on Chart Category and we cannot access Variance Report Summary

b)       Fix any filters applied in PCN Maintenance, then calling this report should result in the report displaying data matching PCNs

7)       Reports Funds Management – Funding Requirement Summary Report

a)        Issue:  Printing Report by PEC, and choosing any of the options (Funded, Unfunded, Total, Percent Funded) the resulting report does not have a title as to what was selected

b)       Funded Selected : Title should be “Funding Summary”

c)        Unfunded Selected: Title should be “Unfunded Requirement Summary

d)       Total Selected:  Title should be “Total Requirement Summary”

e)        Percent Funded Selected:  “Percent Funded Summary”

7/15/05 DPEM Maintenance Release Fixes and Enhancements

o     Fix for File Maintenance Copy Clipboard Error in Funds Management Data Maintenance

o     Enhancement for FY Summary for ALC Obligation Data Maintenance

o     New Program for AFSOC SACM

o     Execution Data File Maintenance Usability issue corrected

6/30/05 DPEM Maintenance Release Fixes and Enhancements

o     PEC 27597F New Weapon System Code - H060GH

o     PEC 84747F New Weapon System Code - H001HT

o     Fix for not being able to enter dataset notes for Initialized Datasets

o      New Program Name for AIM120

o      Fix for Data File Notes being carried from one open data file to the next

o      Enhancement for MPE PCNs during interface of Aircraft and Missile Requirements default Factor App to D-56010 and MOA of D

o      Enhanced Import 230/231 Procedure to not impact historical Software data in the DPEM Data file

o      Enhanced Import 230/231 Procedure for usability to eliminate support calls relating to routine

o      Enhanced Brochure and Funds Management Cleanup procedures to remove data starting with a specific Execution Year

o      Enhanced Funds Management Analysis resources relating to USP visibility within DPEM

o      PEC 41122F added for WR and AMC for C-141

o      Program TH1H added for OC-ALC Weapon System

o      PCN Pseudo Task T53-703 added for OC-ALC

o      ALC Quick Maintenance Sort order not usable for file maintenance of LSR

o       Export by Criteria Fixed Pseudo Suffix not working with tasking\

o       Added OP30WS to the Requirement Cleanup procedure for MP&E interface functionality

o       Fixed Caption for Data file name not changing correctly when New Data file is used

o       Enhanced Quick Maintenance for MAJCOM LSR Validation

5/25/05 Scheduled DPEM Release - 2005 Brochure Factors Application Enhancements

o      Corrected Variance Maintenance allowing for file maintenance of data not displayed in Brochure

o      Four new Pseudo Tasks were added to preloaded data at request of Christie Smith

o       PEC 41122F for WR

5/11/05 Scheduled DPEM Release - 2005 Brochure Factors Application Enhancements

o      Release of 2005-LSR-Factors - one year Factor set for inflated LSR Requirements for next LSR cycle

o       Spell Checker for Variance file maintenance

o       Enhancements and usability improvements for tracking Factors applied to Funds Management Datasets

o       New capability to identify LSR Quantity and Constant Year Quantity similar to LSR Requirement and Constant Year Requirement

o       Visibility for LSR USP, Base Year USP and Then Year USP

4/14/05 DPEM Maintenance Release Fixes and Enhancements

o      Corrected issue when file maintaining PCNs belonging to MOA of C or D and the related SOR not available

o       LSR Quantity maintenance now available for Funds Management data (Previously only Required Quantity)

o       Enhance Import Procedures to handle new LSR Quantity Field

o       Enhance Customer Initialization procedure to handle new LSR Quantity field for Customer Data

o       Enhance MAJCOM Quick Maintenance to handle LSR Quantity Maintenance

o       Enhance Funds Management Datasheet views to extract LSR Quantity data

o       Initialize Dataset; corrected issue with initialization dropping PCNs; issue identified during training class

o     Requirements form Brochure maintenance errors with File maintaining ALC and Pseudo Suffix, errors identified during training class - hard to produce, but would have impcted LSR Maintenance

o     Fixed MAJCOM Export data to ALC issue with procedure creating a Blank Funds Management Data file (No Datasets in destination file)

o     Fixed ALC Export data to MAJCOM issue with procedure creating a Blank Funds Management Data file (No Datasets in destination file)

o     Funds Management Tools Menu - Overlay Data Set Maintenance - Added MAJCOM ID and Misc Fields to capability

o     MAJCOM Quick Maintenance fixes - Sort order for Data listed by PCN, BCFS, PEC

o     MAJCOM Quick Maintenance fixes - Quantity automation Procedure

o     ALC Quick Maintenance fixes - Sort order not working - would have impacted Brochure Maintenance cycle

o     ALC Variance Maintenance - Spell Check with Variance Copy functionality

1/28/05 DPEM Maintenance Release Fixes and Enhancements

o        Correction for Copy Data Set impacting Funding lines when one Year is copied to another Data Set

o        Enhancements for Import Data from MAJCOM Procedure allowing the user to merge data into a different data set

o        Enhancements for Import Data from ALC procedure allowing the user to merge data into a different Data Set

o        Missing 2004 to 2005 Factors for Factor Applications O-545-J-OC, O-546-R-OO, O-546-R-WR, O-548 (Impact Air Staff, AFRC, AETC and OC for Workload Review)

o        New Quick Maintenance form for MAJCOMs to facilitate updating individual PCNs

o        Improvements to Fix Data Compatibility )Now Apply Factor

o        Improvements to Detect Data Compatibility Now QA Data

o        PEC 27224F for AFSOC Moved from BA 04 to BA 01

o        Copy Data Set enhancements when merging multiple Datasets into one Data Set

o        MAJCOM Export Data to ALC not working with user created Dataset names - Fixed

o        Requirement/Summary Report displaying incorrect values for Engine Quantities

o        Fix for Overlay PCN Maintenance when copying only the Factor Application from Source Dataset to Destination Dataset

o        Enhancement for performance in MAJCOM Funds Management Maintenance form

o        Ability to file maintain negative funding for Funds Management data

o        Advanced filters (-1 and blue label visual aid for all quick maintenance forms and PCN Maintenance)

o        Imports and Exports have replace data (delete data in destination based on criteria and append data from source matching criteria)

o        Ability to use Quick Maintenance Obligation data from MAJCOM Funds Management

)    Release as of 12/19/04

·         Data Updates

o        Updated Program Combinations (PEC, WS Codes, Program Codes belonging to each OAC)

o        DPEM APOM Planning Factors

o        Updates to OP30WS data scrubbing

·         Compare Procedures - Field Discrepancy – remove Requirement Type

·         Compare Procedure Modifications

o        Add capability to browse for source data files to compare

o        Impacts Compare Brochure to Brochure

o        Impact Brochure to Funds

o        Impact Funds to Funds

·         Funds Management datasheet view –

·         Remove MDS/TMS from view as the data in the field is not validated

·         New fields OP30WS, Maintenance Activity and Maintenance Type (AFMC & Air Staff Data Analysis)

·         Funds Management cleanup  - Mirror for Requirement Cleanup

·         Selecting Execution Year for a dataset and the execution year is not deleted

·         Add Backup button and remove Backup message at procedure startup

·         Criteria drop downs are not limited based on previous user selected criteria

·         Prompt if user would like to run again

·         Import Obligation data

·         After running report return to dialog box

·         Prompt user to see if they would like to run procedure again

·         FTP

o        Add Close or exit button

o        Provide message box on user letting then know what the procedure is doing

o        Explore usability for identifying startup directory – should be directory of open data file

·         User Interface Maintenance

·         Funds Management Maintenance

§         Mass Update Procedure on Quantity –

§         Ability to set or remove quantity identifiers to filtered data in Funds Management form

o        Add as button above quantity filters

o        Remove business rules limiting Qty Maintenance since the user has the mass update procedure to modify quantity types

o        Add Filter and Mass Update capabilities to Tools Menu options

§         Opening Dialog Box – Add Copy Dataset Functionality from Dialog box to allow user to copy dataset when before they open the dataset for maintenance

o        MEMO Fields need to have code for copy to prevent Data file corruption

§         PCN Maintenance Available from Quick Maintenance menu

§         Straight line for Funds Management and Requirements –

o        Do not allow the procedure to initiate unless at least one requirement year exists – for Funds Management tell users to use “New Requirement” procedure first

§         Funds Management ALC Input – Add Execution  Year

o        The ALC needs to be able to change the RCFS field

o        Base Year for new requirement sometimes does not come in correctly

o        After adding year the year does not appear unless you go off the record and back on the record

o        Quick Maintenance – Add Constant Year Requirement to Quick Maintenance form

§         Force user to apply an Execution Year Filter prior to entering Quick Maintenance form

§         Move Execution Year to top of QM user interface

§         Make sure Dataset is visible in Top Label

§         Make sure Execution Year being Maintained is visible in top label

§         New Fields (Add Program and OP30WS to fields on QM form)

§         Enforce Business rules that occur when changing field based on Funds Spread Method

o        Funds Spread of U and user changes Requirement

§         Update Then Year Requirement Taking RQMT & Factor and Rounding to zero decimals

§         Do nothing to Fund Spread Method

§         Do nothing to funding

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         set the Fund Qty to zero

o        Funds Spread of F and User changes Requirement

§         Update Then Year Requirement Taking RQMT & Factor and Rounding to zero decimals

§         Do nothing to fund Spread

§         Update Funding to Match Requirement

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         Set Qty Funded to zero

o        Fund Spread of C and use changes Requirement

§         Update Then Year Requirement Taking RQMT & Factor and Rounding to zero decimals

§         Do nothing to Fund Spread

§         Do nothing to Funding

§         Set percent funded to zero

§         Set Qty Funded to zero

o        Funds Spread of P and user changes Requirement

§         Update Then Year Requirement Taking RQMT & Factor and Rounding to zero decimals

§         Do nothing to Fund Spread Method

§         Set Funding equal to Then Year Requirement divided by percent funded

§         Set Funded Qty to zero

o        Funds Spread of Q and user changes Requirement

§         Update Then Year Requirement Taking RQMT & Factor and Rounding to zero decimals

§         Calculate USP (Then Year Requirement divided by Required Qty round the result to zero decimals)

§         Set Funding equal to USP * Funded Qty Round result to zero decimals

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         Do nothing to Funded Qty

o        Funds Spread of U and user changes Funding

§         Do nothing to Requirement field

§         Change Fund Spread method to C

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         set the Fund Qty to zero

o        Funds Spread of F and User changes Funding

§         Do nothing to Requirement field

§         Do nothing to Fund Spread field

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         set the Fund Qty to zero

o        Fund Spread of C and use changes Funding

§         Do nothing to Requirement field

§         Do nothing to Fund Spread field

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         set the Fund Qty to zero

o        Funds Spread of P and user changes Funding

§         Do nothing to Requirement field

§         Do nothing to Fund Spread field

§         Update Percent field to reflect Funding divided by Then Year Requirement do not round result

§         set the Fund Qty to zero

o        Funds Spread of Q and user changes Funding

§         Do nothing to Requirement Fields

§         Msg Box to User – (If this change in Funding impacts the Funded Quantity, the Funded Quantity Maintenance will need to be changed in the ALC Funds Management Maintenance form; not this Quick Maintenance Form for updating Obligation Data.”

§         Set Percent Funded to zero

§         Do nothing to Funded Qty

§         User Interface Mods

o        Change Equipment Name Label to “MISC”

o        Short Equipment Name field to length of PCN

o        Add Program Code Field back to User Interface (Currently Hidden)

§         Copy Dataset procedure Enhancements (ASAP)

o        Provide Browse to select both Source Dataset and Destination Dataset

o        Create/replace dataset –

§         allow the user to name their dataset – QA to ensure no apostrophes or special characters are in name

§         Make sure Datasets that are not part of preloaded data can be exchanged by user through import and export procedures

§         Handle MEMO fields to prevent data file corruption

§         Copy Source Dataset Maintenance Procedure Enhancements (ASAP)

o        Provide Browse to select both Source Dataset and Destination Dataset

o        Add additional fields to

§         MISC (Previously called Equipment Type)

§         Customer Notes

§         Handle Memo Field to prevent data file corruption

o        PCN Maintenance

§         Change Pseudo Subject label to Pseudo Task

o        Required Maintenance for 1, A, B, C, D, E, F

o        Hide field for PCNs belonging to all other RGCs

§         Limit choices of SOR based on MOA – MOA of C or D then SOR is CN, O then SOR matches with ALC Title, I provide Inter-service Options

§         Factor Applications – limit choices and automate further based on RGC, ALC and MOA

o        1st digit is MOA

o        2nd digit is EEIC (From RGC)

o        3rd digit is RGC

·         Import and Exports

·         Import PCN

§         Add Message to dialog box when user chooses to add new PCNs to Dataset - New PCNs will require the user to access the Tools Menu and use the Add Execution Year to add the new requirement that is related to the PCN

§         When User goes into MAJCOM Funds Management – Display PCNs without Requirements and state to add requirements to PCNs use the Add Execution Year Procedure from the Tools Menu

·         By Criteria

o        ALC ID Does not always work correctly

o        MAJCOM ID Does not always work correctly

o        Fields available for criteria should reflect user options of data in scope (Funds, Brochure or both)

o        New Fields (OP30WS and Year Indicator)

·         ALC Export Data for MAJCOM

o        Procedure does not always export data

o        Naming convention is not automated when data file only has Brochure data

o        Require user to specify ALC

o        Update Name in Dialog Box during Export Procedures

·         MAJCOM Export Data for ALC

o        Procedure does not always export data

o        Naming convention is not automated when data file only has Brochure data

o        Require user to specify BCFS or MAJCOM

o        Update Name in dialog box during Export Procedures

·         ALC Import Data from MAJCOM

o        Require user to specify their ALC

o        Provide ability for user to limit data by MAJCOM

o        Change interface to address quantity identifiers (OP30 as well as Non PDM)

·         MAJCOM Import Data from ALC

o        Require user to specify their MAJCOM

o        Provide ability for user to limit data by ALC

o        Change interface to address Qty Identifiers


)    Release as of 9/29/04

        a)   OP30WS, Maintenance Type, Maintenance Activity - Statement of need and Benefit

                1)    MAJCOMs and Airstaff have no visibility of an entire weapon system with all of the variations within a Weapon System (B-1A, B-1B or F-16A, F-16B)

                2)    WSC field maintenance benefits could provide this visibility, but would require additional data scrubbing by the MAJCOMs and no data validation is completed within the process

                3)    Airstaff, ANG and Reserve require visibility of their requirements and funding levels by generic WS for their Budget Exhibits

                4)    Datasheet views of the DPEM data requires additional data maintenance which will impact data integrity

                5)    Data model change will deliver this capability limiting impact on users, relieving responsibility and adding to data integrity

        b)    Data Model Changes

                1)    Program Table - OP30WS (New Field) visible from Program Preloaded form

                2)    Commodity Group - Maintenance Activity, Maintenance (New Fields) visible from Commodity Group preloaded table

        c)    User Interfaces Enhancements

                1)    Funds Management form

                        a)    OP30WS

                                1)    Provides total Weapon System filtering capability

                                2)    Works with all Mass Change procedures

                        b)    Program Code Hidden from form, replaced by OP30WS which is maintained by DPEM data administrators (AFMC)

                2)    Quick Maintenance - LSR Maintenance

                        a)    New Maintenance for Op30 and Non-PDM fields

                        b)   Added to Tools menu Overlay Procedures

                                1)    Overlay LSR Requirement

                                2)    Overlay Source DataSet maintenance

                3)    Brochure - Requirement Maintenance

                        a)    Visibility of OP30WS for Program

                        b)    Removed unaddressed variances accounting for missing variance statements pertaining to MP&E data (RGCs A, B, C, D)

                        c)    Have un-addressed variances working with Variance form and DPEM Brochure

                4)    Views

                        a)    Brochure data - added OP30WS, Requirement description to field selections

                        b)    Funds Management data - added OP30WS, Maintenance Type, Maintenance Activity to field selections

                        c)    Moved select View type to top of User Interface dialog box

                        d)    Revised the SNaP datasheet view to display new Op30WS, Maintenance Activity, and Maintenance Type fields

                5)    Export and Import data by Criteria - Execution Year now an option

        d)    Fixes

               1)    Import by Selection error when choosing Funds Management and selecting a data set

               2)    Fix with Comparing Funds to Brochure data and selecting field discrepancies (PEC in Brochure is different from PEC in Funds)

               3)    Error with Mass Change moving from one Funds Spread to another

               4)    Datasheet views displaying a decimal and not extracting number fields to excel as numbers (they extract as text)

               5)    Funds Management New Requirement and straight-line menu options displaying template when no template option exists (Usability enhancement)

               6)    MAJCOM Export Data for ALC

                      a)    Naming structure is not completed correctly for MAJCOMs with more then 4 Characters of abbrev.

                      b)    Selecting a data set error

                7)    Funds Management Compare not allowing users to select all respective datasets

        d)    New Functionality

                1)    FTP Interface within application (Available from File Menu)


)    Release as of 8/17/04

        a)   New Preloaded Data

                1)    New PEC for ACC - 35202F

                2)    New WSC and Program Codes for AETC

                        a)    27597F - C130NH

                        b)    27597F - C130PH

                        c)    41897F - C130J0

        b)    DPEM Audit Tools

                1)    Compare Funds data to Funds Data

                2)    Compare Brochure to Funds Data -

                        a)    New feature allowing user to browse to file that has data to compare with opened data file.

                        b)    Users were having issues with the requirement to import data into one file in order to use Data Quality tools; this feature eliminated this step or requirement

        c)    Fixes for Funds Management maintenance of OP30 and Non-PDM Quantity

)    Release as of 7/29/04

        a)   New Preloaded Data

                1)    New Program 'U002' Impacting ACC and OO-ALC

                2)    New PEC impacting AFMC RDT&E and OC-ALC

        b)    Enhancement for tracking data files

                1)    The Help menu provided a view of the history of data files accessed by a user.  This did not tell them what they did or what the data file was for. 

                2)    The usability of going to a menu item versus seeing the information about the data file right after they opened the file also impacted the amount of time for validation

                3)    Users can now enter and view comments for a data file, as well as view historical comments for data files that they have accessed.

        c)    Prompt user if they would like to run a data sheet view or DPEM report again after viewing the output, if yes returns to extract settings dialog box retaining users previous selections

                1)    Users were having to write down items to remember settings between runs

                2)    Users were frustrated at forgetting an item and then having to recall the data extract trying to remember all of their other settings in addition to the one that they did not use

        d)    Factor Set Name usage for Funds Management data

                1)    The application was setting the Factor Set Name to the latest factor set for Funds Management data by default

                2)    Some MAJCOMs assumed this always was the correct Factor Set

                3)    Some MAJCOMs did not know that they could change this Factor Set Name used with their data

                4)    This impacted the Funding levels and costs of requirements during the Execution Year causing possible data discrepencies for exercises like the POM, Workload review etc. etc.

                5)    The application will use the last Factor Set applied for the Dataset Funds Management or if a Factor Set was never applied the Factor Set Name will be blank forcing the user to select.

)    Release as of 7/22/04

        a)   MAJCOM LSR Maintenance

                1)    LSR Quick Maintenance sort order for execution years was not functioning.  This impacted the MAJCOM maintenance in getting the adjusted numbers back to the ALCs

                            i)    Impact for LSR Maintenance for MAJCOMs not making file maintenance in a timely manner because the application displayed data non-sequentially

                            ii)    Impact on training as the MAJCOMs were used to seeing the data one way from previous years and distorted this year

                            iii)    Made adjustments for release during first week of LSR

                2)    Funds Management data sheet views

                            i)    Using the preset views caused an error

                                    1)    Impact on MAJCOMs and Air Staff in extracting data for analysis in preset formats

                                    2)    Prevented users from validating adjustments in LSR Maintenance which impacts overall DPEM Data quality

                                    3)    Resolution released in first week of LSR at Hill AFB

                            ii)    Enhancements- Allowed user to recall datasheet settings from dialog box without having to cycle through menu

        b)    Enhancements for All Datasheet views and Funds Management Reports

                1)    Prompted user to execute Report again allowing user to reset settings without having to cycle through menu dialog box and remember previous report view settings

                2)    Saves frustrations between report views allowing user to make corrections from their previous report request settings

        c)    New PEC 64226F - Necessary for OC-ALC and AFMC (Christie Smith and Ken McCain)

                1)    Not providing PEC will impact Requirement Funding distribution for the MAJCOM

                2)    Not providing the PEC will impact communication between the ALC and MAJCOM in discussions over PEC funding levels through the upcoming DPEM Fiscal Year

                3)    Also will impact Air Staff

        d)    Fixed report Brochure Chart & Narrative 9a not printing/displaying PCNs that only have requirements in 2005 and beyond (2004 RQMT is 0 dollars)

)    Release as of 7/8/04

        a)    Import And Export Enhancements

                1)    Improved coding to enhance performance for large data files

                2)    Met requirements to remove PCNs that do not have requirements from the exported or imported data file

        b)    Enhancements for Comparison utilities

                1)    Removed reports and provided comparisons in datasheet view

                            i)    This provides additional usability so the user can do analysis of the data and the data discepancies through spreadsheets in excel

                            ii)   User can brief discrepancies with actual data extracted from the application (portability)

                2)    Requirement Sponsors

                            i)      ALCs (Glen Brown, Christie Smith and David Coulter in analysis of Brochure data provided from directorates

                            ii)    MAJCOMs with identifying differences between datasets provided by AFMC and their Execution Data Set

                            iii)    AFMC and Air Staff identifying variances in datasets provided by MAJCOMs

                            iv)    Necessary to improve data extracts of variances in a format that is easy to manipulate and brief in response to taskings

                3)    Impacts for

                            i)      Comparison of SRA file vs. DPEM Brochure file

                            ii)     Comparison of DPEM Brochure vs. DPEM Brochure

                            iii)    Comparion of Brochure vs Funds File

                            iv)    Comparison of Funds vs Funds datasets

                4)    Additional resources

                            i)  Tools menu that provides various analysis views of the data for readability of variances between

                                    a)    Maintenance data

                                    b)    Requirements and funding summary data

                            ii)    Tools menu to change view of data for portability to excel for pivot table setup

        c)    PCN Maintenance Tools Menu

                1)    Missing Factors - will identify PCNs that are identified with a DPEM Factor that is no longer supported

                2)    Advanced Filter - allows the user to find/filter on Office Symbol or SubSystem

                3)    Cleanup PCNs - Will remove Pseudo Codes that do not have an affiliated requirement (Brochure or Funds)

        d)    Brochure Maintenance

                1)    Brochure Maintenance Cleanup - Provides a means for users to mass delete Brochure data based on criteria - will not delete PCNs - see PCN Cleanup

                2)    Unaddressed Variances - will not include RGC A, B, C or D that have unaddressed variances

        e)    Enhancements for Funds Management Initialization procedures

                1)    Improved performance of initialization by auditing code and quality assuring cod 767 Requirements took 11 minutes now at 9 minutes

                2)    Enhanced initialization to account for Factor Sets released for Brochure that are not for Funds Management data - this scenario produced an error that is now addressed

        f)    Enhancements for Funds Management

                1)    Compound Factors - corrected error when Factor Set selected for maintaining Funds data only has one year of DPEM Factors

                2)    Find PCNs maintained with archived Factor Applications--available from the Tools menu

                3)    Fix for Filters being disabled unexpectedly during data maintenance

)    Release as of 6/15/04

        a)    ALC Variance Report display Quantities

        b)    ALC Requirement Maintenance

                1)    MP&E Interface Modifications for Compatibility with production  DPEM environment

                2)    PCN Maintenance - Interservice Options for SOR

                3)    Requirements visibility on 800 by 600 was cut off for certain displays or monitors, resized form and form layout of fields

        c)    Funds Management Maintenance

                1)    POM Summary Report Totals for percentage fixed

                2)    POM Summary Quantity Totals for PDM and Non/PDM Requirements

                3)    Usability enhancements for Data Maintenance in Funds Management with Current Record jumping to first record after data changes

        d)    New Program Names

                1)    MIDS

                2)    SIRFC

                3)    HEWP

        e)    Fix in Brochure Datasheet view for USP and Quantities

        f)    Import Data By Selection

                1)    Fixed Error when selecting Overwrite

                2)    Fixed Backup button functionality

)    New as of 6/3/2004

       a)    Requirement or Brochure maintenance

                1)    New fields for Requirement form including

                        a)    Directorate

                        b)    EEIC

                        c)    MOA

                2)     Find and Filter working with new fields

                        a)    DPEM Brochure

                        b)    New Variance Report

                        c)    Brochure Datasheet view

                3)    (Reason for maintenance release) Variance Report - added Quantities visibility for Requirements with cost type of U or P

                4)    (Reason for maintenance release) Fix for Unaddressed Variance message

                5)    (Reason for maintenance release)  SRA Interface fix for missing tmp_Pseudo Code error message

                6)    (Reason for maintenance release)  ALC Brochure Variance Report - added Quantities Visibility for Requirements with Quantity Cost Type identifier

        b)    Funds Management -

                1)     Fix for error message when filtering and removing filters while change a factor application identified with a PCN

                2)     Datasheet view - disable always summing total quantities (PDM, NON-PDM Quantities)


)    Brochure Maintenance

        a)    Improved Maintenance for Re-Imburseable PCNs

        b)    Variance form usability improvements visibility of requirements only with Variances between Year Indicators

        c)    New Variance Report

        d)    Administration of Program Name

        e)    Updated Brochure Year Factors

)       POM Requirement Funding Reports

        a)    Printing by AFEEIC: 560 categorized with 54X commodity

        b)    Totals for 560 RQMTS

        c)    Prints Total Requirement, Funding of Requirement, Percent Funded and Quantity's

)    Import Procedure with Criteria functionality of Export BY Criteria

)   Data Quality tools – Compare Funds Management data in separate data file.

a)        Does not identify Funding Variance between the same PCN in two different datasets when one dataset exists in a different data file

b)       Browse to compare a dataset in another file same issue for other Fields i.e. TY_Dollar Costs, Qty fields etc. etc.

c)        Change then names and the order of the variance fields when selected to the same as the items identified under 8.C.i i.e. [FY]QtyRqd for FY04 would have a column label of 04QtyRqd.

)       Fund Management

a)        Improvements with Data Maintenance and Data visibility for Funds Management

b)     PDM and NON PDM Quantity visibility

System Requirements

600MHz Pentium III class computer or higher

Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT 4.0 or higher operating system

128MB of Memory (RAM)

100MB (approx.) Disk space for application

3.5 high-density disk drive, CD-ROM, or network adapter card (required for installation)

Super VGA or higher resolution video display adapter


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